How important are Learning Management System for education?


The LMS, better known as Learning Management System, is part of the Distance Learning (EAD) system. The LMS is responsible for managing and creating a virtual classroom, in which classes, subjects, tests and all activities are defined so that students can learn with autonomy and quality.

This system is in line with the VLE, ​​which is also widely used in Distance Learning. The Virtual Learning Environment (AVA) is what a lot of people call the Brazilian LMS, because of the follow and the aspects that are very similar.

Learning Management System benefits

The Learning Management System brings many benefits to Distance Learning, since it is through it that registration and software changes can be made, including access to Moodle (free and open platform for creating an online teaching system). In addition, it allows users to interact with each other, establishing convivial relationships through forums and chats so that they can discuss the topic of the class.

The publication of content and platform for conducting lessons and activities, such as tests and tests, are created and made available through this Learning Management System. Technically, the LMS is a tool for creating electronic courses in a simple and fast way, guaranteeing full access for students to the virtual classroom environment promoted by the LMS.

Learning Management System Components


Like any system, the Learning Management System has different components of creation and planning, so that the classroom environment is efficient. The Learning Management System is able to create:

  • Chats and discussion forums;
  • Quiz and assessment methods;
  • Course management;
  • Course reminders;
  • Management systems for creating reports;
  • Integration with the human resources system and performance targets and staff.


With the Learning Management System, there are many advantages that can make the technology more allied with the distance learning system. In addition, the LMS develops personal (offering autonomy) and professional growth, further enabling human development and data management and disciplines via LMS.

It is very important for the realization of distance learning courses, as it replaces the actions and interactions that would be carried out in person. It is therefore important to choose courses that value and always seek.

The best Learning Management System, as it can increase or decrease the quality of the course, interfering with how much you learn, the contact you can have with other students and teachers and the way you evaluation.

If you don’t get along with the Learning Management System, the course will probably not be a good experience. Therefore, always try to be well informed and aware of the ways of learning the chosen course.

 Why is the future?

The LMS helps users adapt to the most comprehensive and important technology for academic life. With online software, you will be able to learn with quality and efficiency.

The LMS is creating new platforms that can be accessed via mobile, so that teaching arrives on students’ technological devices whenever teaching is necessary. The dynamics brought to this system is very satisfactory for distance learning, since it provides an educational and essentially technological environment, so there will be greater integration with users and the internet.

 The main features of an LMS

When choosing an Learning Management System, it is important to correctly specify the functionality that your company needs. Therefore, we have separated the main ones:

 Possibility of customization

The option of leaving the platform with the face of your business is very important for your business to grow more and more. In addition to showing your personality, culture and increasing customer loyalty, this personalization can even generate new business opportunities.

 This is even more important if you are already the manager of a face-to-face educational institution or a large company and are taking your business online.

 So, when choosing an Learning Management System, for your courses or your institution, ensuring that it allows customization is an extremely important feature.

 Video support

It is already clear that videos are excellent content to generate engagement and that this power has already crossed the lines of entertainment.

 For distance education, betting on a model based on video classes is what will be the differential in your project, because of the peculiarities of this modality. A video brings the student closer to the teacher and, most importantly, makes learning much easier, faster and more fluid.

 Therefore, a fundamental feature to invest in an Learning Management System, is the possibility of placing your course based on online videos, to guarantee the quality of the classes and the learning of your students.

 Online interactivity

It is not because an EAD course is focused on the student that the figure of the online teacher is not important in that environment.

 If the student wants to have a private dialogue with the teacher, he can send a message directly to him from the platform, without the need to exchange emails or have other forms of contact.

And yet, the teacher can also create the forum to generate more engagement and participation of the class at various points in the content.

 This type of activity helps students identify with the course, encourages engagement and participation and, consequently, reduces dropout rates in distance learning.

 Complete monitoring of students and classes

From the point of view of the manager of the educational institution, working in an organized process is essential for the success of the business.

 An Learning Management System can have several monitoring tools, perfect for the manager to have full control of the progress not only of their classes, but also of the students.

 In addition to closely monitoring the classes, the manager and teachers can also monitor the progress of each student individually.

 And this is extremely important when it comes to understanding how your content planning and lesson plan is going !

 Differentiated assessments

A good feature to look for in an Learning Management System is the creation of assessments and grade tracking by teachers. For students, it is important that the virtual environment provides a good user experience, is easy to use and has clear communication.

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